How To Get Jedi Survivor Poncho

jedi survivor poncho how to get

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, if you want a classic look for Cal, you can get his trusty Poncho from the previous game. However, securing the Poncho is a challenging yet rewarding task. To acquire it, players must face and defeat a formidable foe in a hidden boss battle.

This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to find and defeat this enemy and claim the coveted Poncho for yourself.

Jedi Survivor Poncho: How To Get

jedi survivor poncho

So, if you want Cal’s Poncho for yourself, you’ll first have to located the hidden enemy. The enemy in question here is the Spawn of Oggdo, a throwback to Fallen Order. Here is where you need to go.

Firstly, make your way to Fort Kah’Lin on Koboh. Clear out the droids and Bedlam Raiders in the area, and locate the Meditation Point as a respawn marker. This is the safest thing to do as you’ll likely need it during the upcoming battle, since defeating it is no mean feat.

From the Meditation Point in Fort Kah’Lin, head straight forward and climb up to the higher ground. You’ll come across a square layout with enemies waiting for you at each corner. Defeat them one by one, and at the final turn, turn around and unlock the door for a shortcut in the future. This, again is a slight precaution, and will enable you to quickly run back to the boss room, if you don’t one-shot it that is.

Proceed straight ahead from this location to find the Spawn of Oggdo boss fight and cross the walkway and face the group of droids ahead. Try to eliminate as many as possible before reaching the center of the rooftop. Once you step into the middle, the roof will collapse, dropping you down into the Spawn of Oggdo boss room.

After defeating the Spawn of Oggdo, head to the back of the room and open the chest to claim Cal’s Poncho as your reward.

Equipping the Poncho will earn you the A Presence I’ve Not Felt Since… trophy/achievement, so it’s definitely a worthwhile process to go through regardless whether you’re a fan of this fashion or not.

Overall obtaining the Jedi Survivor Poncho requires you to overcome the challenging Spawn of Oggdo boss fight within Fort Kah’Lin to get the spoils. By following this guide and staying agile during the battle, you can defeat the enemy, claim the Poncho, and wear it with pride as you continue your journey in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor universe.

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