How To Get Hylian Shield TotK

hylian shield tears of the kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Hylian Shield, a symbol of Link’s courage and valiance, remains a coveted possession for players worldwide. Renowned for its superior defensive capabilities, the Hylian Shield is hidden deep within.

This guide aims to provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to unlock this legendary shield so you too can wield its power in combat, and hopefully avoid any death blows from even the strongest of enemies. Let’s get into it.

Where To Find Hylian Shield Tears Of The Kingdom

To get the Hylian Shield in Tears of the Kingdom, while not the moast arduous of tasks, it is a pretty trecherous path. So, before embarking on your journey, we recommend getting some more Heart Containers as well as food and elixirs to ensure your survival.

Now, with those warnings out of the way, let’s get into the Hylian Shield location in TotK.

Go To Hyrule Castle

Begin your journey from the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and propel yourself upwards from the tower to reach the ominous Hyrule Castle.

hyrule castle totk

As you’ll be paragliding your way there, ensure you have at least upgraded your stamina somewhat or have enough energizing food or elixirs on hand to replenish the wheel as it depletes.

Once at the castle, navigate towards its northeastern side. Then, climb the ledges you see until you reach an area shrouded in gloom. Remember this gloom with start to break down Link’s hearts, so be cautious as to where you’re treading.

Now, this is optional, but we recommend securing a fast travel point just in case you get taken out. If you want this, simply glide down toward the shrine beneath your current location and activate it.

serutabomac shrine totk

This will create a fast travel point, making your return to this location significantly easier in the future.

It will also make your life easier in terms of direction since we’ll be using it as a point to head toward the Hylian Shield location.

Jump Down To the Docks

At this point, you need to make your way downward. Jump off to the right-hand side and glide down to the platforms below.

hylian shield ledge drop down

Then, you’ll need to take another drop down to make it to the Docks. Look out for the Korok circle in the water as this is the path you’ll need to head down.

path to hyrule castle docks

Upon arrival at the Hyrule Docks, a gloom-like enemy with multiple hands will attack. Jump into the water and wait for the enemy to disappear.

Light The Firepit

This will give you an opening to make your way to the second floor of the area. Ascend the stairs to the second floor of the docks until you reach an open area. This area, is marked by a large fire pit and multiple torches.

hylian shield firepit totk

Now all you’ll need to do is light the large firepit. Do this with whatever you have on your person or simply light an arrow on the torches in the area and fire it at the pit.

This will trigger a chest to appear and inside, you’ll be able to pick up the Hylian Shield!

how to get hylian shield totk

In Tears of the Kingdom, the journey to unlock the Hylian Shield one that could be difficult but if you know the path, it’s actually relatively simple.

With careful planning, strategic navigation, and the unwavering courage that Link embodies, the legendary shield can be yours.

This guide, we hope, serves as an invaluable companion as you navigate your way through Hyrule Castle’s gloom-infested depths to claim the Hylian Shield, an emblem of Link’s enduring courage and strength.

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Josh Chambers
Josh Chambers
Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. After his parents bought him a SNES way back when, he has only developed more and more gaming knowledge has time's gone on.
Josh Chambers
Josh Chambers
Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. After his parents bought him a SNES way back when, he has only developed more and more gaming knowledge has time's gone on.