How To Get Hero’s Path TotK

how to get hero's path totk

The Hero’s Path is an invaluable feature in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, allowing players to trace their steps and strategize their exploration.

Much like its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, this game offers this option, but the process of unlocking it is a bit different. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the Hero’s Path in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get Hero’s Path Tears Of The Kingdom

Your journey to unlocking the Hero’s Path begins at Hateno Village Research Lab. This is where you’ll find Robbie, the eccentric researcher who assists you in upgrading the Purah Pad, the new device replacing the Sheikah Slate from Breath of the Wild.

hateno village totk

If he isn’t at the Lab for you, this is because you haven’t completed his and Josha’s initial quests in Lookout Landing, so do that first if this is the case.

Before you can access the Hero’s Path, you must first complete the initial side adventure for Robbie at the Hateno Village Research Lab. This quest sets the stage for the various enhancements that can be made to the Purah Pad throughout the game.

After completing the initial side adventure, talk to Robbie again. This time, he will present you with a few options for further upgrades to your Purah Pad such as the Travel Medallion and Sensor +. Among these options, choose the Hero’s Path.

hero's path totk

Once you’ve selected the Hero’s Path option, you’ll be tasked with a new side quest, called “Presenting: Hero’s Path Mode”. This quest requires you to complete 15 shrines scattered throughout Hyrule.

If you’ve already completed 15 shrines prior to receiving this quest, you will unlock the Hero’s Path Mode instantly. If not, your next task is to explore Hyrule and complete the required shrines.

Upon completing the 15th shrine, return to Robbie in Hateno Village to unlock the Hero’s Path Mode.

In conclusion, the Hero’s Path is an extremely useful feature in Tears of the Kingdom, especially for those who enjoy strategic exploration. It may require a bit of work to unlock, but the ability to trace your steps and revisit previous locations is well worth the effort.

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