How to get Hearty Bass Breath of the Wild

how to get hearty bass breath of the wild

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the vast open-world environment offers a plethora of ingredients for players to discover and use in cooking, enabling them to create dishes that provide various effects, such as health restoration, stamina boosts, and elemental resistance. One valuable ingredient is the Hearty Bass, a fish that, when cooked, yields meals with the “Hearty” effect, fully restoring Link’s hearts and granting temporary bonus hearts. In this article, we’ll guide you through finding and catching Hearty Bass in Breath of the Wild, so you can cook up some powerful meals to aid you in your journey across Hyrule.

Hearty Bass Breath of the Wild locations

hearty bass breath of the wild

Hearty Bass are most commonly found in bodies of freshwater throughout Hyrule. Some of the best locations to find these fish include the following:

Lake Hylia

Located in the Faron region, Lake Hylia is one of the largest bodies of water in Hyrule and home to several types of fish, including Hearty Bass. The fish can be found in various areas around the lake, especially near the Lake Tower and the shoreline close to the Faron Woods.

Faron Woods

Within the Faron region, you can find several smaller bodies of water scattered throughout the Faron Woods. These ponds and lakes are teeming with life, including the Hearty Bass.

Rutala River

Situated in the Lanayru region, the Rutala River runs from the base of Mount Lanayru to the Zora’s Domain. Hearty Bass can be found swimming in the river at different points along its course.

How to catch Hearty Bass Breath of the Wild

using bombs to get hearty bass breath of the wild

There are several methods to catch Hearty Bass in Breath of the Wild, and choosing the right one can depend on the player’s preferences and available resources:

Swimming and Catching by Hand

The most straightforward method of catching Hearty Bass is by swimming up to them and pressing the “A” button when prompted to catch the fish. However, this approach can be challenging, as the fish are often quick to swim away when approached.

Using a Spear

Equipping a spear-type weapon and using it to attack the fish directly in the water can be a more effective way of catching them. The extended reach of the spear helps with accuracy and minimizes the need to chase after the fish.


Players can use either square or round remote bombs to catch fish. By strategically placing a bomb in the water near a group of Hearty Bass and detonating it, players can catch multiple fish with a single explosion. However, this method may also damage other nearby resources, so use caution when employing this technique.

Shock Arrows

Using shock arrows to catch fish is another effective method, as the electric charge from the arrow will stun and kill the fish within a small radius. To do this, aim and shoot a shock arrow at the water near the Hearty Bass. The fish will float to the surface, making them easy to collect.

Hearty Bass are valuable ingredients in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, providing players with meals that grant powerful healing effects. By exploring the many bodies of freshwater in Hyrule and utilizing different techniques to catch these elusive fish, players can ensure they have enough in their stash to keep the hearts flowing in the heat of battle.

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