Golden Horse TotK: How To Get Zelda’s Golden Horse

gold horse totk

In the captivating world of Tears of the Kingdom, players encounter a myriad of treasures, secrets, and friends both old and new.

One of these fantastic discoveries is Zelda’s golden horse, a majestic steed that holds a place of great honor in the game. With a little patience and understanding, players can tame and ride this beautiful creature. Here’s how to do it.

How To Get Golden Horse Tears Of The Kingdom

The journey to obtaining Zelda’s golden horse begins at the Lucky Clover Gazette, located in the north-western part of the map. Upon reaching the Gazette, engage in conversation with two characters named Traysi and Penn.

lucky clover gazette totk

These characters will provide you with a side adventure titled ‘Potential Princess Sightings’. Accepting this adventure is the first step towards locating Zelda’s golden horse.

Once you’ve accepted the side adventure, your next destination is Snowfield Stable. Found to the west of the Lucky Clover Gazette, Snowfield Stable is where you’ll find the characters Penn and Harlow.

snowfield stable totk

Engage them in conversation and they will provide you with another side adventure titled ‘Zelda’s Golden Horse’. Accept this adventure and you’re now on the brink of finding the golden horse.

With the adventure accepted, you will need to find the golden horse out in the wild. Below is the location we found it in for ourselves, and it should roam this area so keep a look out for that gold mane.

totk gold horse location

Make your way to the indicated location, and prepare for the next step – taming the golden horse. This stage can be quite challenging and will require approximately two full stamina wheels. Therefore, before attempting to tame the horse, ensure you have at least two full stamina wheels and some stamina elixirs to secure your success.

Once you find the golden horse, slowly approach it and attempt to soothe it. Use your stamina wisely and keep an eye on your stamina meter. If you manage to soothe the horse successfully, congratulations! You’ve tamed Zelda’s golden horse.

The final step is to register your newly tamed golden horse at a stable. Once you’ve registered the horse, it’s officially yours to ride and cherish throughout your adventures in Tears of the Kingdom.

zeldas golden horse totk

Acquiring Zelda’s golden horse is a rewarding challenge, providing you with a beautiful and unique companion in your journey through the game. So saddle up, embark on this side adventure, and add this majestic creature to your stable. Happy riding!

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