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The Legend of Zelda series is known for many iconic elements, one of them being Ganon’s formidable horse. A horse of such magnitude is bound to catch the player’s attention, and in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, acquiring it becomes an engaging challenge.

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to find and tame Ganon’s horse so you too can wield the might of this giant stallion.

How To Get Ganon’s Giant Horse Tears Of The Kingdom

Ganon’s horse, known for its remarkable strength and endurance, is located on Hateno Beach, which is on the eastern coast of Hyrule. To reach this location, the easiest and most scenic route is to paraglide from the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, which is located high above the beach.

Here is a precise map marker just in case you are unsure as to where to find it:

ganon horse location totk

Taming this horse isn’t as simple as with other horses in the game. Given its unique characteristics and strength, Ganon’s horse will require more effort to soothe.

You will need at least two full rings of stamina to successfully calm the horse. Having stamina-boosting items or potions on hand can be beneficial if your stamina isn’t quite up to par.

Approach the horse quietly from behind and then jump on to start the taming process. Then, soothe it as quickly as possible until the horse is tamed.

how to get ganon's horse tears of the kingdom

One key aspect to note about Ganon’s horse is its unique availability. If you have a Breath of the Wild save file on your device where you have already tamed Ganon’s horse, then it will not appear on Hateno Beach in Tears of the Kingdom as it will have transferred over to Tears of the Kingdom.

Instead, players can find it waiting for them at any stable across Hyrule. This is a neat piece of cross-save functionality that recognizes players’ previous accomplishments.

In conclusion, acquiring Ganon’s horse in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a thrilling adventure requiring stamina, strategy, and a little bit of patience, similar to that of Zelda’s Golden Horse.

Whether you find it on the shores of Hateno Beach or waiting in a stable from a previous save file, riding this legendary steed is an experience like no other.

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