How to get free arrows in Breath of the Wild

how to get more arrows breath of the wild

Arrows are a crucial resource in Breath of the Wild, used for both hunting and combat. However, they can also be expensive to purchase, and it can be challenging to maintain a steady supply of arrows. Luckily, there are several ways to obtain free arrows in Breath of the Wild. In this article, we will discuss some of the best methods for obtaining free arrows in the game.

How to get free arrows in BOTW

As previously stated, there are multiple ways in which you can get yourself some free arrows in BOTW, eliminating the need to spend those hard-earned rupees. Below, we’ll be teaching you three ways you can do so, making those quiver stocks brimming without having to dip into those rupee reserves.

Shoot down enemies with bows

One of the most straightforward ways to obtain free arrows is by shooting down enemies with bows. When you hit an enemy with an arrow, it will often drop the arrow it was hit with, which you can then pick up and use.

This method is particularly effective when you’re facing enemies that are carrying bows, as they will often drop multiple arrows when defeated. To maximize your chances of getting arrows, aim for the head or torso of the enemy, as these are the areas most likely to be carrying arrows.

Loot chests

arrows breath of the wild

Throughout the game world, there are numerous chests containing items, including arrows. These chests can be found in various locations, such as ruins, shrines, and hidden caves. While not every chest contains arrows, it’s worth checking them all as the items inside can often be useful.

To find chests, use your Sheikah Slate’s sensor to track treasure chests, or explore the game world thoroughly to find hidden areas.

Use an infinite arrow glitch

infinite arrow glitch breath of the wild

There have been a few different infinite arrow glitches in Breath of the Wild since its release, with many of these being patched as time has gone on. However, there is one that is still working, allowing you to farm arrows forevermore.

To perform the glitch, you will need first need a multi-shot bow and at least one arrow. Then, head to the Kara Kara Bazaar located in the Gerudo area in the game. Once there, go to the cooking pot and shoot the edge of it. If you do this with a multi-shot bow, you’ll use one arrow but then gain multiple back, essentially gaming the system. Naturally, the higher the multi-shot ability on your bow, the more you get back so get this to 5 if you can.

Complete side quests

Many side quests in Breath of the Wild offer rewards, including arrows. These quests can be found throughout the game world and often involve helping NPCs with various tasks.

The rewards for completing these quests can be significant, and they can include rare and valuable items such as late-game arrows. To find side quests, talk to NPCs, explore the game world, and look for quest markers on your map.

All in all, obtaining free arrows in Breath of the Wild is essential for success in combat and hunting, so by using the methods above, you can maintain a steady supply of arrows throughout your adventure.

Whether you’re shooting down enemies, looting chests, using the infinite arrow glitch, or completing side quests, there are many ways to obtain free arrows in the game. So, stock up on arrows and get ready to take on the dangers of Hyrule!

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