How To Get Dusk Bow TotK (Twilight Bow)

dusk bow tears of the kingdom

The Dusk Bow is a coveted weapon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom due to its superior capabilities.

It also has great lore, since this is essentially the Twilight Bow that was used in the fight against Ganondorf in Twilight Princess. So, for you Zelda fanatics, this is a must-get.

Below, we’ll detail exactly how to do this, aiding you in your efforts to get this legendary bow.

How To Get Dusk Bow Tears Of The Kingdom

To find the Dusk Bow, you first need to reach Hyrule Castle, the returning, impressive structure located at the center of the map.

Notably, the bow isn’t located inside the castle, but rather on the outside, hidden away on top of one of the broken spires of Hyrule Castle making acquiring it can be a bit of an adventure, especially for players in the early stages of the game.

dusk bow location totk

To get there, you need a bit of strategy, some climbing skills, and potentially some Energizing Elixirs.

Starting your journey from the Lookout Landing’s Skyview Tower is the most efficient route to reach the Hyrule Castle spires. From the Skyview Tower, you can glide down towards the castle as this gives you a significant head start on the climb and reduces the amount of distance you need to traverse.

hyrule castle totk

Once you’re at the castle, the climb to the top of the broken spire begins. It’s a considerable climb, and Link might struggle to reach the top without the help of some Energizing Elixirs. These elixirs restore Link’s stamina and are crafted using various ingredients that you can find around Hyrule.

To prepare Energizing Elixirs, you’ll need ingredients like the Restless Cricket or any other critter of this ilk combined with monster parts. Cooking these at any pot will result in an Energizing Elixir.

It’s advisable to stock up on these elixirs before your journey, as you may need several to reach the top of the spire.

You can also use Link’s new Ascend ability, but with the ceilings being so high up in the castle, it makes using it quite difficult.

Upon reaching the top of the spire, you’ll find the Dusk Bow waiting for you. It’s a high-powered weapon that’s well worth the effort to acquire since it has a damage stat of 30.

dusk bow totk

Remember, the journey to the bow is perilous and full of challenges, but with some planning, preparation, and perseverance, the Dusk Bow will be yours to wield.

In conclusion, the journey to obtain the Dusk Bow in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a test of your skills, resourcefulness, and courage.

Despite the challenges involved, the benefits that come with acquiring this superior weapon make the effort worthwhile.

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