How to get MW2 Defuse Zimo skin

defuse zimo skin mw2

There’s no mistaking that every franchise decided to up its skin game since Fortnite changed everyone’s outlook on the untapped nature of this in-game content. Call Of Duty has certainly been one that has capitalized on this, bringing a plethora of skins both at launch with their usual releases, as well as for the ever-popular battle royale mode Warzone.

Now, this is similarly the case with MW2, with skins galore that you can both buy in the ‘shop’ as well as unlock in the game by completing certain objectives. The Defuse Zimo skin is one of these Operator looks that you can unlock but if you don’t know how to, you’re probably going to be searching for some time.

Below, however, we’ll be detailing all that you need to know about the MW2 Defuse Zimo skin including how to unlock it nice and quickly.

MW2 Defuse Zimo skin: How to unlock

If you’re after the Defuse skin for the Zimo Operator in MW2, strangely, you don’t actually have to play MW2, or even Warzone 2 to unlock it. Instead, you’ll have to boot up the franchise first DMZ mode to get it, something you might not have even thought of when looking at skin unlocks.

how to get defuse zimo skin mw2

More specifically, you’ll have to complete the Two Birds Mission within DMZ, and to do so, you’ll have to do a bit of grinding. This is because the Two Birds Mission isn’t available right away. Instead, you’ll have to gain rep in the White Lotus faction and level it up to two where the Mission in question will unlock. You won’t even have White Lotus faction Missions right away, and you’ll have to complete the initial Legion Missions, so keep that in mind.

For the Two Birds Mission itself, it tasks you with three objectives; travel to Al-Safwa Quarry, kill 18 enemies in the Quarry, and destroy 2 reinforcement helicopters in Al-Safwa Quarry. Getting to the Quarry and killing 18 enemies isn’t particularly difficult, but when it comes to the helicopters, you’ll likely need some more impressive firepower such as an RPG, semtex grenades, or light machine gun.

Once you complete the Two Birds DMZ Mission and either exfil or die, you will be rewarded with the Defuse Zimo skin for use in MW2, Warzone 2, and even DMZ if you will be continuing to play.

And that’s all there is to it, now you have the MW2 Defuse Zimo skin, why not look to unlock other in-game skins such as Biohazard Konig or Relentless Roze by following our guides.

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