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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, weather plays a significant role in the gameplay. Adverse weather conditions can affect combat and travel, necessitating the use of specific gear to counteract these effects.

One such set of gear is the Charged Armor Set, a collection of items that provide a stormy weather attack bonus, allowing you to gain the upper hand in inclement weather battles.

This article will guide you through the process of acquiring the Charged Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get Charged Armor Set Tears Of The Kingdom

The Charged Armor Set is a trio of items: the Charged Headdress, Charged Shirt, and Charged Trousers. Each piece provides a unique benefit, but when worn together, they grant a significant bonus during stormy weather conditions, making this set an essential part of your armory.

To begin the journey of acquiring the Charged Armor Set, you need to visit Kakariko Village and converse with Tauro near the Ring Ruins.

secret of the ring ruins totk

Tauro will introduce you to the main quest titled “Secret of the Ring Ruins,” which serves as your pathway to obtaining this powerful armor set. However, this can only be obtained if you have already started the “Find the Fifth Sage” and have the Camera unlocked.

Progress through the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” quest until you reach the point where you need to visit Dracozu Lake. This location is the key to finding all three pieces of the Charged Armor Set. Here, you will need to look for cave-like openings scattered around the region.

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Find the cave housing Tauro and engage in conversation to further advance the quest (coordinates: 0974, -2533, 0008). Above Tauro, you will find a chest that contains the Charged Shirt, marking the first piece of the Charged Armor Set you will acquire.

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However, the quest doesn’t end here. Continue exploring the Dracozu Lake region, focusing on the cave-like openings to find the remaining pieces. Two more caves within this region hold the Charged Trousers and the Charged Headdress.

Here is the location of the Charged Trousers chest ( 0952, -2705, 0012)

charged trousers totk

And here is the location of the Charged Headdress chest, completing the set (0984, -2827, 0012)

charged headdress totk

Once you’ve successfully located and collected all three pieces of the Charged Armor Set, you will complete the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” quest. More importantly, you now possess an armor set that provides a significant advantage in stormy weather conditions, equipping you for any battle, regardless of the weather.

In conclusion, the Charged Armor Set is a valuable addition to your wardrobe in Tears of the Kingdom, offering the much-needed advantage during stormy weather battles. Follow the steps outlined in the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” quest, and you will soon find yourself donning this powerful armor set, ready to face any storm.

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