How To Get Hearts Back From Gloom TotK (Broken Hearts)

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Tears of the Kingdom, the sequel to Breath of the Wild, presents players with an array of new challenges, among which is the sinister Gloom.

This eerie presence gradually breaks Link’s hearts and halts their healing until the Gloom’s influence is removed. This article will delve into the strategies and steps necessary to restore broken hearts from Gloom.

What Is Gloom In Tears Of The Kingdom?

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The Gloom is a new addition to the Zelda series, introduced in Tears of the Kingdom. Its effect is insidious; slowly breaking Link’s hearts and preventing them from healing. As such, dealing with Gloom and its consequences is a crucial survival skill for navigating the game.

How To Restore Broken Hearts In Tears Of The Kingdom

One of the quickest and most effective ways to halt the influence of Gloom and begin the restoration of broken hearts is to fast travel. By leaving the area affected by Gloom, Link is no longer subject to its debilitating effects, allowing for regular heart regeneration to resume.

fast travel tears of the kingdom

Lightroots serve as a beacon of purity amid the Gloom’s darkness. By activating a Lightroot, Link can instantaneously remove the Gloom’s effects, allowing broken hearts to heal. Lightroots are typically found at key locations throughout Tears of the Kingdom, so be sure to keep an eye out for them during your travels.

lightroot tears of the kingdom

Once you’ve escaped the reach of the Gloom, it’s time to focus on heart recovery. Consuming food that restores hearts is one of the most direct ways to recover health. Cook up a hearty meal at a campfire or consume some of the health-restoring items in your inventory to replenish your hearts.

Dealing with the Gloom in Tears of the Kingdom requires a good understanding of its effects and knowing the best strategies for heart restoration.

Remember, the key to survival is not only to fight bravely but also to know when to retreat and recover. By fast traveling or activating a Lightroot when Gloom’s influence becomes too much, and by consuming heart-restoring food, you can effectively manage and restore broken hearts, ensuring Link’s continued resilience in the face of adversity.

Adventure smart, and may your journey through Tears of the Kingdom be victorious.

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