How To Get Bomb Flowers In TotK

how to get bomb flower tears of the kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom, the much-anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, reintroduces several classic elements from the franchise that were absent in its predecessor.

One such element making a triumphant return is the iconic Bomb Flower. This article will guide you through the various methods of obtaining these powerful and useful items in the game.

How To Get Bomb Flowers In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Bomb Flower, a well-known and beloved item in the Zelda series, is a versatile tool that can be used for combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration. Absent in Breath of the Wild, the return of Bomb Flowers in Tears of the Kingdom is a welcome addition for fans of the franchise. These unique explosives can be found in several ways throughout the game world.

One of the most straightforward methods of obtaining Bomb Flowers is by discovering them in treasure chests. Scattered throughout the world of Tears of the Kingdom, these chests can be found hidden in dungeons, secret caves, or even out in the open.

bomb flower tears of the kingdom

Players should keep an eye out for these chests, as they may contain valuable Bomb Flowers alongside other useful items.

Another way to acquire Bomb Flowers in Tears of the Kingdom is by defeating specific enemy types. Certain foes have a chance to drop Bomb Flowers upon defeat, making combat encounters potentially more rewarding.

Players should be mindful of the enemies they face, as dispatching these foes might yield the coveted Bomb Flowers.

Caves are also fantastic for Bomb Flowers with many of these having at least 2 or 3 Bomb Flowers inside. Look all around, even the ceilings, and you should be able to snag some.

If you’re struggling to find Bomb Flowers in the wild or through defeating enemies, you can also opt to purchase them from a vendor. Various merchants scattered throughout the game world will offer Bomb Flowers for sale, typically at a reasonable price. One of these is the Bargainer Statue in Lookout Landing who wants Poes in exchange.

This method provides a convenient and reliable way to stock up on Bomb Flowers, ensuring you always have a few handy when needed.

With your newfound Bomb Flowers, you’ll be able to tackle various challenges in Tears of the Kingdom. These versatile items can be used to destroy obstacles, reveal hidden paths, or defeat powerful foes. Mastering the use of Bomb Flowers will significantly enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to explore and conquer the world with ease.

The return of Bomb Flowers in Tears of the Kingdom offers a nostalgic nod to the franchise’s history while providing players with a powerful and versatile tool for exploration and combat.

By searching for chests, defeating specific enemies, or purchasing from vendors, players can obtain these valuable items to enhance their gameplay experience. So, gather your Bomb Flowers and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the world of Tears of the Kingdom.

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