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ancient hero's aspect totk

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings with it an array of exciting quests and valuable rewards, none more impressive than the Ancient Hero’s Aspect.

This elusive piece of armor not only transforms Link’s appearance but also imbues him with the spirit of a past hero who once saved Hyrule.

This guide will take you through the detailed steps needed to acquire this coveted piece of armor.

How To Get Ancient Hero’s Aspect Tears Of The Kingdom

The Ancient Hero’s Aspect is a reward for one of the game’s most ambitious accomplishments: completing Shrines scattered across Hyrule. These Shrines, harking back to the 120 Shrines in Breath of the Wild, come with a variety of puzzles and combat trials that test every aspect of your abilities, from your strategic thinking to combat skills, and even your endurance.

Completing a Shrine involves solving its internal puzzles or challenges and activating it. This will grant you a Blessing Of Light. Accumulating these Blessing Of Light allows Link to increase his health or stamina, which can be critical for progressing in the game.

Upon completing all 152 Shrines in the game, you are rewarded with the Ancient Hero’s Aspect. This unique piece of armor transforms Link’s appearance into a form resembling a Zonai, a mysterious tribe from Hyrule’s past.

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Moreover, the Aspect’s description intriguingly notes that it contains the spirit of a hero who once saved Hyrule, adding further depth to the game’s rich lore.

To collect the Ancient Hero’s Aspect, you must head to the Temple Of Time where your adventure began and there you will find a chest containing this rare armor.

ancient hero's aspect tears of the kingdom

Acquiring the Ancient Hero’s Aspect is no small feat, and it requires both determination and a deep exploration of the game’s world. However, the reward is worth it, offering not only an aesthetic upgrade but also a palpable sense of achievement.

In conclusion, earning the Ancient Hero’s Aspect is a testament to the player’s commitment to uncovering all that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has to offer. With all 152 Shrines conquered, players can proudly wear this armor, embodying the spirit of a hero that once saved Hyrule.

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