How To Dropkick In Jedi Survivor

jedi survivor dropkick

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players can use various combat techniques to gain an advantage over their enemies. One such move is the dropkick, a powerful and effective way to deal damage and push opponents back.

This guide will help you understand how to execute the dropkick technique in Jedi Survivor, which is an extension of the regular kick that was in its predecessor, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

How To Dropkick Jedi Survivor

Dropkicking is a useful close-range combat move that allows you to break an enemy’s guard, deal damage, and create an opening for follow-up attacks. It’s essential to know when and how to use the dropkick to maximize its effectiveness in battle.

how to dropkick jedi survivor

You’ll also need to use it in combination with the Jedi Survivor mullet in order to get the Road House achievement.

To unlock the dropkick, it isn’t tied to an evasive skill like the previous game, instead, you’ll have to gain access to one of the new lightsaber stances. This is the heavier, more brutal Crossguard stance.

Once this has been acquired, to perform a dropkick, you need to be within relatively close range of your opponent, but enough if a gap for there to be enough room to get the maneuver off.

Then, sprint at the enemy and it’s simply part of the Crossguard’s simple attack, so press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Left-Click on PC. This will start the dropkick animation, sending Stormtroopers flying left and right.

Mastering the dropkick technique in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor can significantly enhance your combat abilities and give you an edge over your enemies.

By understanding how to execute the dropkick and incorporating it into your combat strategy, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable Jedi Knight in the galaxy far, far away.

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