How to dodge roll Hogwarts Legacy

how to dodge hogwarts legacy

There’s no mistaking it, being a student in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t all rainbows and magical creatures, you’re going to be coming up against some pretty formidable foes both of the human and the not-so-human kind. One way in which you can avoid your year in the castle being cut short is through dodging, especially if you’re not able to counter the attack.

Below, we’ll be teaching you all about the Hogwarts Legacy dodge mechanic so you know exactly how to do it for yourself, probably saving your life in the process.

How to dodge roll Hogwarts Legacy

As previously stated, if you want to get out of the way of incoming spells or a club swipe from a nasty troll, you’re going to need to physically dodge to do so. Dodging in Hogwarts Legacy, as you would expect, works like most other games, and in all honestly, looks a little like The Witcher.

To perform a Hogwarts Legacy dodge, what you’re going to need to do is simply press the Circle button if you’re on PlayStation or the B button if you’re on Xbox. This will make your in-game wizard do a dodge roll and hopefully get out of the way from the incoming attack.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that you don’t need to dodge every attack. The only ones that actually require you to do so are when you see the red marker above your head. Any other color and you’ll either be able to counter it or block, hopefully allowing you to get the battle over with nice and quickly.

professor hecat's assignment 2 dodge

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 will actually require you to dodge enemy attacks so using the above information will be key to success.

We hope this short but simple guide will end up saving your skin on your travels within the wizarding world so you can complete the year almost scar free!

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