How to cook in Sons of the Forest

how to cook sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest is a pretty unforgiving game that simply drops you out in the wild to fend for yourself. Naturally, if you were in this position and want to survive both in-game and real life, you will need to know how to cook. 

Below, we’ll run you through what you need to know fo how to cook in Sons Of The Forest so you can get those nutrients flowing, building up your strength and stamina so you can ultimately live out in the wild for as long as you like.

How to cook Sons of the Forest

When you think of cooking, the first thing that probably comes into your head is needing a heat source. If you’re out in the woods, what’s the one kind of heat source at your disposal? That’s right, a fire.

So, to cook in Sons of the Forest, you’ll first need to start a fire. This is easily done, needing a few Sticks.

Once you have the fire prepped and lit, you’ll obviously need something to cook. Simply get some fish or rabbit, preferably as close to your home base as possible to avoid falling to either the treacherous conditions or potential adversaries.

Now you have the cooking ingredients, hover your cursor over the fire and hold the action button. This will be E on your keyboard or A if you’ve plugged in a controller. Your inventory will open allowing you to select the meat for cooking.

sons of the forest cooking

After choosing the meat, it will go on the fire automatically and will begin to cook. You can add up to three lots of food on the fire so keep that in mind.

For when to take the food from the fire, you’re going to want to wait until it turns a brownish color. This indicates that it is cooked perfectly and you will not get sick from it. Choose to eat the food straight from the fire or put it in your inventory for later.

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