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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have the opportunity to personalize Link’s wardrobe by dyeing clothes and changing armor colors.

This customization feature, carried over from Breath of the Wild, allows you to express your unique style and preferences as you explore the vast world of Hyrule.

Below, we’ll go through every step you need to take if you want to dye your clothes and armor so you can take Link’s fashion game to the next level.

How To Change Armor Color Tears Of The Kingdom

To dye clothes or change armor colors, you’ll need to do some exploring of Hyrule.

This is because you’ll be heading to Hateno Village, a charming settlement located in the southeast part of the map in East Necluda. Here, you’ll find the Kochi Dye Shop, a colorful establishment run by the eccentric Sayge.

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In order to dye your clothes or change the color of your armor, you’ll need to have the specific piece of clothing or armor in your inventory. Additionally, you’ll need to collect five items of the same color you wish to dye your clothes.

These can be anything from fruits and flowers to monster parts, as long as they share the desired color.

Dyeing clothes or changing armor colors also comes at a cost. Prepare to part with 20 Rupees, which will be used to cover the expense of the dyeing process.

Now you’re ready, interact with Sayge at the Kochi Dye Shop, and he will present you with a selection of vibrant colors. Pick the one that best suits your style, and Sayge will work his magic.

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Once the dyeing process is complete, your clothing or armor will be transformed into the chosen color. Simply equip the newly dyed item to enjoy your personalized look as you journey through Hyrule.

Also at Sayge’s shop, you can change Paraglider Fabric if you so wish, which adds yet another layer of customizability to Tears of the Kingdom, which is always fantastic to see.

In conclusion, the ability to dye clothes and change armor colors in Tears of the Kingdom adds an extra layer of depth and personalization to your adventure. It’s a fantastic way to express your creativity and make your version of Link truly unique.

So head to Hateno Village, gather your materials, and start experimenting with different colors to make your mark on the world of Hyrule.

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