How to catch Zapdos in Pokemon Red, Blue, And Yellow

zapdos pokemon red blue yellow

When you think of the most iconic legendary Pokemon, the three legendary birds from the first generation certainly spring to mind, and many of players’ favorite is Zapdos, the electric type of the three. Of course, in the various Pokemon games, you get a chance to catch the powerful Zapdos but it’s no easy feat.

Now, if you’re playing Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow for the first time or simply forgot how to catch Zapdos, we’ll be talking you through how to catch Zapdos in full with this article, letting you know anything you need to do before this legendary Pokemon is made available to you. We’ll also be giving you some tips for how to catch Zapdos as you only get one chance and one chance only.

How to catch Zapdos in Pokemon Red, Blue, And Yellow

how to catch zapdos pokemon red blue yellow
  • Make it to the point in Pokemon Red where you’ve either reached Cerulean City or Lavender Town
  • Head to Rock Tunnel and stop at the Pokemon Center
  • Using the Pokemon Center as a guide, walk North, surf East, and South until you see a grassy area on your left side
  • Enter the Power Plant
  • Go to the top left portion of the Power Plant where you should be able to locate Zapdos
  • Press A to enter the battle with Zapdos
  • Catch Zapdos using the strategies shown below

Tips for catching Zapdos in Pokemon Red, Blue, And Yellow

So, as Zapdos is a legendary Pokemon, you only get one chance at catching it meaning you won’t want to mess it up. The first tip that we recommend is that you save before attempting to speak to Zapdos as just in case you make the Pokemon faint, you can simply restart your game and load up your file.

A second tip would be to try and get Zapdos down to 1 HP and put it to sleep with either Sing, Hypnosis, or Sleep Powder as this will make it far easier to catch.

Third, and finally, use the strongest Pokeballs possible (apart from the Master Ball) – Ultra balls as these have a much higher success rate.

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