How to break Yellow Shields in Hogwarts Legacy

how to break yellow shields hogwarts legacy

If you’re making your way through Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll certainly be accustomed to fighting against a variety of enemies, as well as your fellow students at Crossed Wands.

While you might have refined your spellcasting, dispatching foes with ease, there are times when shields get in the way, blocking most of your attacks.

Specifically, knowing how to break Yellow Shields in Hogwarts Legacy will be key to eliminating the adversaries in front of you. Below, we’ll teach you exactly how to do this so you can succeed in various forms of combat.

How to break Yellow Shields Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re coming up against Yellow Shielded enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll soon find out that your regular spells aren’t going to do the job here. Instead, you’re going to need to do something extra.

To break Yellow Shields in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have to utilize a Yellow spell, also known as a Control spell.

Any of these Control spells will do and your utilization of these will likely depend on the encounter. For example, you’ll probably be using Levioso when fighting against a bunch of enemies that are in close vicinity to get them in an easy state for attacking, whereas you might use Glacius to allow for some breathing room and increase overall damage.

If you’re early on in the game, you might have to depend on Levioso as your Yellow Shield breaking spell but don’t worry about it being not as effective as later spells as you can use different combinations, or perform a dodge roll to close the gap and get off a Damage spell.

There are other Shield colors such as Red or Violet in the game, and these Yellow spells will not work on those and you’ll have to do something a bit different unfortunately to dispatch enemies of that ilk.

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