How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

virginia sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest is a brutal game, throwing you out in the wilderness in hopes that you survive the many potential pitfalls that you will ultimately find yourself in. However, while you’ll have Kelvin to help you out, there are other characters that you can recruit to boost your chances of living.

One of these is Virginia and below, we’ll give you all the steps you need to befriend her so she can become an integral ally.

Where to find Virginia in Sons of the Forest

If you haven’t come across Virginia yet in Sons of the Forest, this is quite surprising. This is because she can start appearing as early as your first night in the wilderness, potentially ambling over to you in her less-than-warm outfit.

She is very easy to spot since she is a mutant that has three arms and legs so just keep an eye out for a speedy yet human-like creature.

If you are struggling to locate her however, the tips that we have are to stay closer to the initial helicopter crash, and not advance the main story of the game as there is a chance you may have missed your chance at getting to see her early.

Additionally, she spawns more in the day/dusk, and definitely not at night, so make sure you get sleep in rather than working through the darkness.

How to get Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest

where to find virginia sons of the forest

If you want Virginia to join your party in Sons of the Forest, akin to that of your trusty friend Kelvin, while initially confusing, it is a simple process.

As previously mentioned, Virginia is scared of any newcomers, including yourself. This means that you have to be very tentative when she shows up. This means you should not run toward her and instead, let her get closer to you.

However, she will not approach if you have something in your hands that could potentially hurt her. Therefore, if you have weapons in your inventory, even as weak as a stick, you need to put it away and be bare-handed.

Once you’re unarmed, Virginia will start to get closer but she will not be befriended yet. This must be done on several occasions so make sure you’re looking at your surroundings each day as she could pop in view any time.

virginia at campfire sons of the forest

Be patient, and after a few friendly meetings, Virginia will eventually become a companion in the game.

Once this has happened, she will sit with you at campfires and you can even hand her weapons, allowing her to fight alongside you if you so wish.

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