How To Beat Stalnox In TotK

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The Stalnox, a fearsome skeletal Hinox first encountered in Breath of the Wild, makes a return in Tears of the Kingdom. This massive, undead foe is located above ground, and in a new area known as the Depths, offering players an exciting and challenging battle experience.

In this article, we’ll explore strategies for defeating the Stalnox in Tears of the Kingdom, using knowledge from our experiences to guide our approach.

How To Beat Stalnox Tears Of The Kingdom

To face the Stalnox, players must journey across Hyrule and even into the Depths, a dark and mysterious area in Tears of the Kingdom. Keep an eye out for a large, slumbering skeleton with a single glowing eye. This is the Stalnox, and it will awaken as soon as the player approaches or attacks it.

The Stalnox is a formidable opponent, but with the right strategies, players can emerge victorious. Here are some battle tactics to consider.

Similar to Breath of the Wild, the Stalnox’s weak point is its glowing eye. Use ranged weapons like bows and arrows to target this area, dealing significant damage and momentarily stunning the creature.

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When the Stalnox is stunned, use Bomb Flowers to deal additional damage. The explosion will cause the Stalnox to lose some of its bones, making it easier to target its eye without the obstruction of its skeletal limbs.

The Stalnox has powerful attacks that can be devastating if not avoided. Learn its attack patterns and dodge to avoid damage. When it misses, counter with your own attacks to keep the pressure on.

Depending on which Stalnox you encounter, if you’re doing enough damage to the eye, it will fall out of the Stalnox’s head allowing you to attack it at will. Simply do as much damage as possible and you’ll accelerate its demise.

As the Stalnox’s health depletes, it may enter a final phase where it detaches its head from its body. During this phase, focus on attacking the head while avoiding the body, which will continue to flail and attack. Utilize ranged weapons and bombs to finish off the Stalnox once and for all.

Using elemental fusing on your arrows, such as fire or ice arrows, can deal additional damage to the Stalnox. Stock up on these powerful projectiles before facing this formidable foe.

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Overall, defeating the Stalnox in Tears of the Kingdom is a thrilling challenge that requires a combination of strategy, agility, and proper use of abilities.

By focusing on the Stalnox’s weak point, utilizing Bomb Flowers, and carefully avoiding its powerful attacks, players can emerge victorious against this fearsome foe. Remember to come prepared with a healthy stock of elemental arrow fuse material and other powerful weapons, and you’ll soon have the Stalnox on the ropes.

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