How To Beat Hinox In TotK

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The Hinox, a fearsome and colossal cyclops-like creature, makes a return in Tears of the Kingdom after appearing in Breath of the Wild.

These powerful adversaries can be found roaming various parts of the game world, presenting a daunting challenge for players who dare to confront them.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to defeat the Hinox in Tears of the Kingdom, including an overview of their abilities, weaknesses, and a step-by-step strategy for emerging victorious.

What Is The Hinox In Tears Of The Kingdom?

The Hinox is a lumbering giant with a single, massive eye that serves as its primary weak point. This formidable foe possesses several devastating attacks, including ground stomps, tree swings, and body slams.

Additionally, the Hinox may throw explosive barrels or rocks at players to deal ranged damage. Despite its intimidating size and strength, the Hinox has a few exploitable weaknesses that players can use to their advantage.

How To Beat Hinox In Tears Of The Kingdom

hinox weak spot tears of the kingdom

The Hinox’s eye is its primary weak point. Hitting the eye with arrows or other ranged attacks will briefly stun the creature, leaving it vulnerable to additional attacks.

The Hinox is also susceptible to elemental damage, such as fire, ice, and electric attacks, so attach the relevant materials to your arrows and fire. Utilizing these elements can significantly increase the damage dealt to the Hinox and may cause additional status effects.

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You can also opt for a stealthier approach by sneaking up on the Hinox while it is asleep. This strategy allows you to land a few free hits before the battle begins, potentially gaining an early advantage.

As the battle commences, you’ll obviously be focusing on hitting the Hinox’s eye with arrows or other ranged attacks. This will momentarily stun the creature, providing an opportunity to close in for melee attacks or continue barraging it with projectiles.

The Hinox’s attacks are powerful but slow, providing ample opportunity for players to dodge or evade them. Keep an eye on its movements and be prepared to evade when it winds up for an attack.

When the Hinox is stunned, quickly move in for melee attacks. Focus on delivering quick, powerful blows before retreating to a safe distance. Remember that the Hinox may recover from its stun at any moment, so be ready to dodge its counterattacks.

attacking hinox tears of the kingdom

Throughout the battle, maintain a safe distance from the Hinox to avoid its devastating melee attacks. Use the terrain and obstacles to your advantage, creating a buffer between yourself and the enemy.

Continue alternating between ranged and melee attacks, exploiting the Hinox’s weaknesses and evading its counterattacks. With patience and persistence, the mighty Hinox will eventually fall.

The Hinox may be a formidable adversary in Tears of the Kingdom, but with careful planning, strategy, and execution, players can conquer this colossal foe.

By understanding its weaknesses, utilizing elemental attacks, and expertly evading its devastating blows, players can emerge victorious and claim the spoils of battle. So, gather your courage, sharpen your weapons, and prepare for the thrilling challenge of facing the mighty Hinox in Tears of the Kingdom.

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