How To Beat Gloom Hands TotK (Hand Monsters)

how to beat gloom hands totk

Tears of the Kingdom, the successor to Breath of the Wild, introduces players to a host of new challenges, creatures, and mechanics. One such addition is the ominous Gloom, a malevolent force that slowly breaks Link’s hearts, which can’t be healed until you fast travel or activate a Lightroot.

Lurking within this ominous Gloom are the eerie entities known as Gloom Hands. In this article, we will guide you on how to best counter these formidable foes, focusing on their weakness to fire and other effective strategies.

How To Beat Gloom Hands In Tears Of The Kingdom

Gloom Hands, as their name suggests, are manifestations of the Gloom in Tears of the Kingdom. These adversaries are particularly dangerous due to their association with Gloom, a persistent hazard that chips away at Link’s health, preventing healing until Gloom exposure is ceased.

As creatures of Gloom, Gloom Hands are vulnerable to the cleansing power of fire. Fire Fruit and Bomb Flowers are particularly effective against these foes. Attaching these to arrows and launching them from a distance is the most efficient way of exploiting this weakness, allowing you to deal substantial damage while minimizing risk.

Hooking up Rubies to your arrows also gives a nice fire effect that can engulf all of the hands in one go, but these are definitely expensive since Rubies are a far rarer item than Fire Fruit or Bomb Flowers.

how to beat gloom hands tears of the kingdom

Eating food that provides resistance to Gloom can be beneficial in these encounters. Dark Clumps are an essential ingredient for cooking these foods. When consumed, they provide temporary resistance to the health-draining effects of Gloom, letting Link maintain his vitality in the face of Gloom Hands’ assault.

Remember, Gloom Hands are at their most dangerous when Link is enveloped by Gloom. If your health is critically low, don’t hesitate to fast travel or seek out a Lightroot. These actions will halt the Gloom’s damaging effect, providing a much-needed respite and the opportunity to heal and strategize.

While fire is a Gloom Hands’ primary weakness, don’t forget your other combat skills. Use your shield to block incoming attacks and your weapons to strike when an opening presents itself. Keep moving and stay aware of your surroundings to avoid getting cornered.

Gloom Hands introduce a challenging new dynamic to combat in Tears of the Kingdom. By effectively utilizing fire, preparing with Gloom-resistant foods, and knowing when to retreat, you can turn the tables on these fearsome foes.

Remember, while Gloom Hands may pose a significant threat, they are not invincible. With the right strategy and preparation, any challenge in Tears of the Kingdom can be overcome. Happy adventuring!

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