How To Beat Frost Talus TotK

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces a variety of formidable foes, among which is the chilling Frost Talus.

This icy variant of the classic rock monster presents a unique challenge with its frosty exterior and freezing attacks. However, just like the Battle Talus in Hyrule, the Frost Talus has its own weaknesses.

Here, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to effectively take down this formidable foe using its biggest weakness: fire.

How To Beat Frost Talus Tears Of The Kingdom

To start, one of the Frost Talus’ most intimidating factors is its chilling exterior. If you attempt to scale the Frost Talus in the same manner as a regular Talus, you’ll quickly find yourself frozen and knocked back. This is where the power of fire becomes crucial.

totk frost talus fire weakness

Fire, the Frost Talus’s biggest weakness, can be harnessed in several ways in Tears of the Kingdom.

Fire-infused weapons, fire arrows, and even fire-based throwables can all be used to your advantage. Among these, Fire Fruit Arrows are particularly effective.

Not only do they deliver a fiery punch from a safe distance, but they can also melt the Frost Talus’s icy exterior, making it safe to climb.

frost talus fire fruit totk

To begin the fight, aim your fire arrows at the Frost Talus to melt its icy armor. Ensure that you’re moving constantly to avoid its icy attacks, as these can freeze you on the spot. Keep up the fiery assault until the Frost Talus’s ice has completely melted.

With the ice melted, the Frost Talus becomes much like any other Talus. Now, you can safely climb onto its back without the risk of being frozen.

Aim for the ore deposit on its back, which is its weak spot. Deliver as many powerful blows as you can.

frost talus weak spot totk

If you’re knocked off, or if the Frost Talus regenerates its icy exterior, repeat the process of melting the ice with your fire arrows.

In conclusion, the key to defeating the Frost Talus in Tears of the Kingdom lies in exploiting its major weakness to fire.

By using fire arrows or other fire-based items to melt its icy exterior, you can disable its freezing attacks and safely attack its weak point.

With patience, strategy, and a steady aim, the Frost Talus can be toppled, turning a formidable foe into a manageable encounter.

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