How to beat Calus Destiny 2 Lightfall

how to beat calus destiny 2 lightfall

If you’ve made your way through the new Lightfall campaign, right up to the final mission, you’ll know that only one foe is left in your path – Calus. While you may have been expecting this during the build-up of the story, it’s always nice to finally wrap up Calus after all the time he has been interfering.

Now, Calus is pretty difficult as a final campaign boss, with not only multiple health stages, but also two phases, making it a pretty arduous task.

Below, we’ll be detailing various methods for how to beat Calus easily so you can check another boss off your list and finish up the Lightfall campaign.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus boss battle guide

There’s no mistaking that Calus, The Disciple looks like a pretty formidable opponent not only because of his size, but also the powers he possesses. However, you can dispatch him pretty easily if you know how.

First off, we obviously recommend that you use the new Strand subclass as you’ll be able to be empowered right off the bat. This will enable you to use its traversal abilities to both avoid incoming attacks and get to vantage points.

using strand calus boss fight

After acquiring Strand from the ‘look within’ element, place that Rally Banner down. You’ll get instant super right away, as well as recharging your other abilities.

Now, begin the fight. Cast your Strand super right away and you’ll soon realise that it takes Calus’ health down quite a bit, making pretty impressive inroads right off the bat.

He’ll begin to throw out some of his minions so back off from these and into the starting area to get rid of them while also avoiding his own incoming fire. After this, look to move toward one of the gangways on either the left or right of the room.

This will allow you to hit Calus from afar as well as potentially avoiding damage by hiding behind the computer-like parts. You should also be able to steer clear of his Tormentors. You can then pepper Calus with a sniper rifle and rockets, probably either getting his health low, or even killing him completely.

He will have a shield though, so if you do need to duck out due to enemies spawning in, try to get hits on Calus to keep that shield at bay. Witherhoard could be good here if you have an Exotic slot free just to keep DPS going.

calus boss battle guide

This will complete the first phase of Calus.

In his second phase, you can actually completely cheese the fight if you know how. Luckily we can help you with that.

To gain an unfair advantage here, what you’ll need to do if try and climb the tree-like structure as it spawns in and before the joining allies timer finishes. To do this, a simple jump will not suffice as you’ll need to get to the very top, so utilizing Strand’s web-slinging traversal to the top will be key.

After getting to the top, you will notice that joining allies will be gone and you can simply aim downward and damage Calus. You will not be targeted either meaning you’ll basically be able to kill him without being bothered in the slightest.

calus cheese destiny 2 lightfall

If you’re struggling with ammo, at least try and get his health down as low as you can with your special and heavy weapons and then just take your time to finish him off with your primary. This can take a while, but be patient.

And there you have it, you should now have all the necessary info for beating Calus and finishing the Lightfall campaign!

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Josh Chambers
Josh Chambers
Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. After his parents bought him a SNES way back when, he has only developed more and more gaming knowledge has time's gone on.
Josh Chambers
Josh Chambers
Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. After his parents bought him a SNES way back when, he has only developed more and more gaming knowledge has time's gone on.