How To Beat Battle Talus TotK

battle talus tears of the kingdom

The Battle Talus is a formidable boss in Tears of the Kingdom, combining the familiar mechanics of the Stone Talus from Breath of the Wild with some new challenges.

The Battle Talus has wooden platforms on its shoulders, home to enemies that need to be defeated, and to reach these platforms, players must utilize Link’s new abilities. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to conquer the Battle Talus and emerge victorious.

How To Beat Battle Talus In Tears Of The Kingdom

Before engaging in combat with the Battle Talus, make sure you are well-prepared. Stock up on healing items, arrows, and weapons with high durability. It is also recommended to be comfortable with the Ascend ability, as this is essential for climbing onto the wooden platforms on the boss’s shoulders.

To start the fight, approach the Battle Talus and initiate combat. As with the Stone Talus, the weak point of the Battle Talus is the ore deposit on its back. However, before you can effectively attack this weak point, you must first deal with the enemies on the wooden platforms.

battle talus enemies totk

To deal with these enemies from afar, use your arrows to pick off any ranged enemies on the wooden platforms. Be mindful of your surroundings and take cover if necessary to avoid taking damage.

Now the enemies are down, hit the weak spot with yet another arrow to down the Battle Talus. Once the ranged enemies are eliminated, and you’ve hit the ore deposit with an arrow, it’s time to use Link’s Ascend ability.

battle talus weak spot totk

Find a suitable spot near the Battle Talus to use the Ascend ability. Launch yourself into the air and aim for the wooden platforms on the boss’s shoulders. Once you have successfully landed on a platform, quickly dispatch any remaining enemies if there are any. Be cautious, as the Battle Talus may try to shake you off, so make sure to watch out and jump off if necessary.

With the enemies on the wooden platforms defeated, it’s time to focus on the Battle Talus’s weak point: the ore deposit. Use your most powerful weapons to deal as much damage as possible. It is also helpful to use elemental weapons, such as ice or fire, to deal additional damage.

After giving the ore deposit a good wack, repeat this process again and again until its health is fully depleted and you will have dispatched the Battle Talus once and for all.

All in all, overcoming the Battle Talus in Tears of the Kingdom requires a combination of strategy, skill, and perseverance.

By effectively utilizing Link’s new Ascend ability and targeting the weak points of the boss, you can successfully vanquish this fearsome foe. Remember to stay prepared, stay focused, and enjoy the thrill of the battle. Good luck on your quest, and may your victory against the Battle Talus be a memorable one!

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