How to aim spells in Hogwarts Legacy

how to aim hogwarts legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’re going to be doing a lot of spellcasting, felling any potential enemies in your path.

While most of the time you can get by through hitting the buttons corresponding to your spell set, there are occasions when you need a little more finesse. That’s where aiming comes in.

At first glance, it’s not abundantly clear how to aim in Hogwarts Legacy, so this guide will teach you exactly how, so you can perfect spellcasting both in and out of combat.

How to aim spells in Hogwarts Legacy

At the moment, you’re probably just using either mouse if you’re on PC, or the right thumbstick on console to move the camera in the general direction of where you want the spell to go. However, there is a way to can make it easier.

If you want to get some specific aiming going in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s actually pretty easy to do so.

hogwarts legacy aiming

To aim spells, what you’ll need to do is actually hold down the L2/LT button on your controller, or right mouse click on PC. Once you do so, you’ll see a small circle in the center of your screen which you’ll then be able to control with either your mouse or the right analogue stick.

While you might not need to aim all of the time when spellcasting, it can be particularly useful outside of battle.

This is because there are plenty of occasions where you’ll be looking above your head, for flying pages for example, so having the ability to aim your Accio spell to grab them could be key to success.

If you are planning on using the aim function often, you might want to head into your control settings and tone down the percentages a little as the default does have your whipping around the screen at quite a pace.

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