How to access Building 21 DMZ

building 21 dmz

The mid-season Season One Reloaded update for MW2 is here and with it, Infinity Ward has brought some fan favorites back like Shipment and Gaz. One addition to DMZ, the looting and extraction mode introduced this year is Building 21, an all-new area for players to sink their teeth into.

Below, we’ll be detailing everything we know about Building 21 in DMZ including what it is and if we know the location of this uncharted place.

What is DMZ Building 21?

As previously stated, Building 21 is the brand new area in DMZ introduced by the Season One Reloaded update. This mysterious area looks a little different than the traditional Al Mazrah plains, offering up a more modern look and feel.

Infinity Ward has stated that this is a secret laboratory and has included a few redacted statements in the announcement leading some to believe that there will be brand new loot to uncover or even links to the likes of Zombies.

It is an area that is heavily guarded, potentially with the most difficult AI in the game but because of this, there’ll be some serious loot potential.

How to access Building 21 DMZ

Now you know what the Building is, what is its location? Well, as previously stated, it’s not made particularly clear where it is due to it being a secret laboratory. However, what we can confirm is that it’s not in Al Mazrah, otherwise we’d be able to simply load into that map and go hunting for it.

If you want to access the new Building 21 area, you’re going to need a Building 21 Access Card. Once you’ve got one of those, you will be able to load into the playspace from the main menu. However, if you want to explore all of Building 21, you’re going to need a few extra keycards. These are the DRC Blue Access Card and DRC Red Access Card which unlock hidden areas with high-value loot.

Building 21 itself definitely shakes things up a bit due to it being a relatively small area in comparison to Al Mazrah. This will likely impact the loadouts you bring in, maybe steering you more towards shotguns over the more long-range guns you’re likely using to combat the AI across Al Mazrah.

In our opinion, the introduction of Building 21 is a good thing for the DMZ game mode as there is a lot of mystery surrounding the new area and will in turn, probably up the DMZ player count for those searching for loot in the elusive new laboratory.

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