How Tall Is Link In TotK?

how tall is link totk

The Legend of Zelda series, beloved by gamers around the globe, is well-known for its captivating storylines, immersive world-building, and memorable characters.

Chief among these characters is the protagonist, Link, the brave Hylian who time and time again rises to the challenge to vanquish evil and protect the Kingdom of Hyrule.

One interesting topic of discussion among Zelda enthusiasts is Link’s height, which varies across the different games in the series.

This article will explore Link’s height in the most recent addition to the franchise, Tears of the Kingdom, and compare it with other iterations of the game.

How Tall Is Link In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Looking back at Link’s past appearances in the series, there has been some variation in his height. In Breath of the Wild, the game that immediately precedes Tears of the Kingdom, Link was similarly estimated to be around 5 feet tall.

His shorter stature is a prominent characteristic, further accentuated when standing next to some of the taller characters in the game, such as the towering Gerudo women or the lofty Rito tribe members.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link’s height is estimated to be again around 4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet. This height is derived from in-game measurements and character comparisons, but as with all approximations, it may not be completely precise.

link height totk

The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass versions of Link, with their unique cel-shaded art style, are among the shortest Links in the series, owing to their more cartoony and chibi-like aesthetic. In these games, Link is a young boy, thus explaining his lesser height.

On the other hand, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword feature a taller and older version of Link, who seems to stand close to 5 feet 7 inches, albeit these are approximations based on in-game comparisons. In these renditions, Link is depicted as more mature, thus the change in his height.

Interestingly, the height differences across the different games can be attributed to not only Link’s varying ages but also the distinct artistic styles and game mechanics unique to each installment.

The developers tailor Link’s design to best fit the tone, art direction, and gameplay mechanics of each game, resulting in the diverse interpretations of the character we’ve seen over the years.

In conclusion, Link’s height in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a continuation of his character design from Breath of the Wild, reflecting the character’s youth and the game’s unique art style.

While Link may not be the tallest hero in the gaming world, his courage and determination are immeasurable, standing as tall as the tallest mountains in Hyrule. After all, it’s not the size of the hero in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the hero.

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