How many Mission tiers are there in DMZ?

how many mission tiers dmz

When Infinity Ward announced that there would be an all-new DMZ mode introduced with this year’s Call Of Duty, MW2, many instantly struck similarities to one of the leading games in the genre – Escape From Tarkov. This is because it shares mechanics like looting and extraction, but DMZ also utilizes Missions to keep players engaged and not aimlessly killing other players.

While a bunch of you out there probably thought that there would be a few DMZ Missions to aim for, not many would have expected just how in-depth this element of the experience would be. Below, we’ll be running you through how many tiers of Missions there are in DMZ so you can be aware of what you’re getting yourself in for if you choose to add this mode into your game rotation.

How many tiers of Missions in DMZ?

dmz mission tiers

So, if you’ve loaded up DMZ for the first time, you’ll see that you have some available Missions to crack on with. These are what we call ‘introductory’ Tier 1 Missions and must be completed to open up not only more Missions for this faction, Legion, but also White Lotus and Black Mous Missions.

Once you carry on completing Missions for all of these factions, you will unlock more and more Tiers with different tasks to carry out. In total, there are five Mission Tiers for each faction which in turn correlates to a comprehensive catalogue of 103 Missions.

As previously stated, we think that you probably underestimated just how many Tiers and Missions DMZ has and it will certainly take you a while to get through them all. Not only do they all differ in the tasks you are set, but also scale in difficulty, potentially requiring multiple matches to even get close to completing. However, it’s definitely worth doing them all as you’ll unlock things like the Relentless Roze skin.

If you’re looking for some help with some of those 103 Missions, we’ve got some guides to aid you. Check out our walkthroughs of Flight Recon, Who’s Watching, Vintage Connoisseur, and more to get them done ASAP.

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