How Many Koroks Are There In TotK?

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The enigmatic and delightful Koroks are a contentious feature of the Legend of Zelda franchise, and they make a return in Tears of the Kingdom. As with previous games, these playful forest spirits are scattered throughout the game world, waiting for players to discover them.

Yet, as with Breath of the Wild, you’re not given the exact number of Koroks you need to find. This article delves into the curious case of the Koroks’ numbers and their significance in Tears of the Kingdom.

What Are Koroks In Tears Of The Kingdom?

In the vast expanse of Tears of the Kingdom, players find themselves engaged in an immersive journey filled with captivating quests and compelling puzzles. Among these are the delightful Korok puzzles, designed to test your exploration skills and observational prowess. The game designers have cleverly hidden these Koroks throughout the game world, making the discovery of each one a rewarding experience.

How Many Koroks In Tears Of The Kingdom?

korok tears of the kingdom

Based on the precedent set in Breath of the Wild, where 900 Koroks were present, it was reasonable to assume that Tears of the Kingdom would also contains around 900 of these elusive spirits.

Now the game is here, we can confirm that the exact number is in fact 1000, 100 more than what was in the previous adventure. The game’s intricately designed world has challenging Korok puzzles aplenty and while many adventurers have set off in search of these hidden entities, not many have succeeded in acquiring them all.

Though finding all the Koroks may seem like a daunting task, it’s worth remembering that each discovery serves a purpose. Each Korok found rewards players with a Korok Seed, which can be traded to expand your inventory.

The more Korok Seeds you gather, the more room you’ll have to carry weapons, shields, and bows. Therefore, the quest for Koroks is not just a fun side-activity but is essential for gameplay progress. If you choose to find them all, there is a final Korok-themed reward waiting for you.

Overall, the quest to find all Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom is a journey marked by exploration, discovery, and intrigue. As players continue to dive deeper into the game, it’s likely that more Koroks will be discovered, inching closer to that elusive total.

This task embodies the spirit of the game, encouraging players to leave no stone unturned in their adventure. So, as there are 1000 Koroks, the joy lies in the journey of discovery and the thrill of finding each hidden Korok.

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