How many Dark and Darker Dungeon Basement Levels are there?

dark and darker dungeon basement levels

Dark and Darker throws you right into a Dungeon Basement to fend for your life against both some pretty horrifying mobs and other loot-hungry players. However, there isn’t just one Dark and Darker Dungeon Basement Level, there are multiple for you to explore.

Below, we’ll be discussing how many Dark and Darker Dungeon Basement Levels there are so you know exactly what you’re up against in what’s being described as the medieval Tarkov experience.

How many Dark and Darker Dungeon Basement Levels are there?

how many dungeon basements levels are there in dark and darker

Dark and Darker uses Dungeon Basement Levels almost like difficulty markers, making it more and more tricky as you go deeper in the experience. In playtests, there were only two Dark and Darker Dungeon Basement Levels available but there are in fact three Dark and Darker Dungeon Basement Levels in total.

Again, in playtests, the first Dungeon Basement Level you start at is actually Level 2, labelled as ‘Hard’ by the developers. In this Level, you will experience difficult mobs with loot rarity ranging from ‘Poor’ to ‘Epic’. If you choose to advance to the third Level, you will be rewarded with even better loot with the base loot tier starting at ‘Rare’ and going all the way up to ‘Unique’.

Don’t get it mistaken though, the third Dark and Darker Dungeon Basement Level is incredibly difficult in which the developers refer to as ‘Hell’. Not exactly the most enticing of names, so you better go in prepared with bandages, campfires, and more.

As Dark and Darker’s development continues, we expect to see the initial Dungeon Basement Level, potentially before the full game launches. This Dungeon Basement Level is the easiest of the three with the difficulty being classed as ‘Normal’. There is no information on what loot to expect here but it’s safe to assume that it won’t be anywhere near ‘Unique’ that Level two can reach.

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