How to get Hogwarts Legacy Kelpie Robe

hogwarts legacy kelpie robe

Hogwarts Legacy is probably more in-depth than you thought it was. There are a plethora of customization options from wands to glasses to robes, you can switch up your look and equipment frequently.

It’s one of the robes we’ll be discussing here, more specifically, the Kelpie Robe, one of the most highly sought-after cosmetics in the game. Below, we’ll detail what the Kelpie Robe actually is as well as how to get it so you’re fully informed.

What is the Hogwarts Legacy Kelpie Robe?

The Kelpie Robe in Hogwarts Legacy is something that many spellcasters are after thanks to its pretty unique look.

how to get kelpie robe hogwarts legacy

It sports a green color with, as the name of the Robe suggests, green kelp-like leaves encompassing the whole clothing piece. There are also nice gold accents too, giving it a more premium, fancy feel.

The Robe itself is just cosmetic only and provides no additional in-game benefits.

How to get Kelpie Robe in Hogwarts Legacy

If you like the look of the Kelpie Robe, allowing you to get your green on, sadly, it’s pretty difficult to unlock.

This isn’t because there’s something in-game making it challenging, it’s actually because the only way to get the Kelpie Robe in Hogwarts Legacy is to own the Collector’s Edition.

This Collector’s Edition naturally sold out extremely fast with budding wizards around the world wanting to get their hands on all the spellbinding additions it holds. This means that those who own the Kelpie Robe are in an extreme minority, probably making it one of, if not the most rare cosmetic in the game.

We highly doubt that the Kelpie Robe will be made available by any other means but if things change, we’ll be sure to update this guide.

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