What do Frog Statues do in Hogwarts Legacy?

frog statues hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts Legacy certainly rewards you for exploring not only the castle but also the lands surrounding it. There are a plethora of little nooks and crannies for you to squeeze your way into, and likely coming out with some nice loot.

One particular little secret that many are encountering are Frog Statues.

These Frog Statues are scattered throughout Hogwarts Castle and are certainly mysterious. Below, we’ll be telling you all about these so you know whether you can trust them.

What do Frog Statues do in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you’ve encountered a Frog Statue in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re probably wondering what they do.

However, if you’ve yet to locate one, these look like a small pedestal with a large frog on top, almost too big to be sitting on there.

When you get close to them, you’ll get a prompt to ‘Enter’ a little ominous, and something that you really wouldn’t expect from a simple statue. 

If you choose to enter a Frog Statue, you’ll be sucked into its mouth. You’ll then get spat out in another destination, almost like another form of fast travel around the castle, similar to that of Floo Flames.

There are some Frog Statues that actually put you in some secret rooms, allowing you to pick up some hidden loot that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Check out our very own video below for one such hidden chest.

As previously stated, there are a few Frog Statues in Hogwarts Legacy so go out and find them all, enter their mouths, and find some interesting parts of the castle that you might not have seen before!

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