How to get Hogwarts Legacy Felix Felicis potion recipe

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There’s no doubt about it, Hogwarts Legacy provides you with all the tools for you to become a fully-fledged wizard. One integral part of this is through Potion Making classes, allowing you to brew up some seriously useful drinks to aid you in your school work as well as in the heat of battle.

One potion in particular that you’ll certainly be wanting to craft is Felix Felicis in Hogwarts Legacy as it provides some serious benefits. Below, we’ll run you through what this Felix Felicis potion does, coupled with how to get it so you too can gain those all-important advantages.

What is the Felix Felicis potion in Hogwarts Legacy?

felix felicis hogwarts legacy

The Felix Felicis potion is one that you might have heard of before getting to experience Hogwarts Legacy. This is because it is a potion that has featured in both the Harry Potter books and films, and was an integral plot point to the story.

If you hadn’t recognized it by its ‘true’ name, Felix Felicis is also known as Liquid Luck, and as you might have guessed, makes the user ‘lucky’ for the duration of the day. This is similarly translated into Hogwarts Legacy as it allows you to see gear chests on the mini-map for one in-game day, particularly useful as these house items you’ll be after.

The potion recipe itself consists of two ingredients – 1 Lacewing Flies and 1 Fluxweed Stem, which can be found or bought.

How to get Hogwarts Legacy Felix Felicis potion recipe

If you like the sound of some Liquid Luck, then you’re going to want to know how to get it in Hogwarts Legacy.

Thankfully, it’s a pretty simple process to do so. The Felix Felicis potion recipe will be available to all that chose to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation. If you did so, what you’ll have to do is make it to the point in the game where Potion Making becomes available. Once you do, brew one with above ingredients and you’ll be able to collect the Felix Felicis potion directly from the Potion Station.

felix felicis potion hogwarts legacy

At this moment in time, we’re not sure if there is another way to get the Felix Felicis potion recipe. If not, this is something that is slightly annoying since it provides that lucky benefit that players who didn’t pre-order will simply never get to experience.

If you are playing on Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch, you will be able to unlock this PlayStation exclusive potion recipe one year from launch – February 10, 2024.

And there you have it, all that we know of the Hogwarts Legacy Felix Felicis potion! If you fancy reading up on some other Hogwarts Legacy info, read our guides on the Dark Arts Garrison Hat, Onyx Hippogriff, and if you can swim.

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