Hogwarts Legacy Dueling Feats explained

what are dueling feats hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts Legacy’s mechanics are surprisingly in-depth for what, on the face of it, is all about casting spells. One way in which the developers have done this is by combining these spells with potions, gear, and upgrades to further the chance of creating ‘builds’.

Now, one other interesting aspect of the game are Dueling Feats that are constantly popping up on the bottom right of your screen. While these appear over and over, many are actually confused as to what they actually are and how they can impact your playthrough.

Below, we’ll run you through exactly what Hogwarts Legacy Dueling Feats are so you know their full effect and whether you need to pay attention at all.

What are Hogwarts Legacy Dueling Feats?

hogwarts legacy dueling feats

We’ve briefly mentioned that Dueling Feats in Hogwarts Legacys crop up time and time again on your screen. This is because they are essentially side ‘objectives’ to your current battle, giving you something more to focus on rather than simply casting the same spell over and over.

These Dueling Feats can range dramatically from simple ‘cast X spell on an enemy’, all the way up to the wild and wacky ‘defeat an enemy with a Chinese Chomping Cabbage. The way in which these differ is simply down to what enemies you’re fighting, so you may see some duplicates every now and then if you’re encountering the same foes.

You can completely disregard Dueling Feats and do your own thing, but you’ll be missing out on what the reward is for adhering to them.

If you choose to complete each of the Dueling Feats on offer to you, you’ll be granted additional XP which is obviously key to not only leveling up, but also in making your way through the main quests since they ramp up in difficulty as you progress.

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