Hogwarts Legacy difficulty options explained

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Hogwarts Legacy, like most games, allows you to select different difficulty options, creating either an easier or harder experience to cater to your skill level. However, these do vary from title to title, so it’s worth knowing what you’re getting yourself into so you don’t have to go in blind.

Below, we’ll detail all of the difficulty options in Hogwarts Legacy as well as a small explainer on each so you’re aware of what to expect and how much the challenge ramps up.

What are the Hogwarts Legacy difficulty options?

If you’re booting up Hogwarts Legacy for the first time, you’ll want to know what each of these difficulty options are, allowing you to make the right choice.

Contrary to other titles, there are in fact four different difficulties to select – Story, Easy, Normal, or Hard.

Easy to Hard are what you’d typically expect, but it’s that Story option that many are getting a little confused about.

Hogwarts Legacy difficulty options explained

To break it down for you, making your choice as simple as possible, we’re now going to run through what each of the difficulty options in Hogwarts Legacy means.

First off, let’s talk about Story. Story is the absolute easiest one you can pick from the four. This one will allow you to completely focus on the story as it unfolds, simplifying challenges and giving you additional health in combat.

This difficulty setting is definitely recommended for those who are either not bothered about the challenge or simply want to focus on the journey at your time at Hogwarts.

Easy and Normal offer a bit more of a challenge, with the stakes set a little higher. In these two modes, you’ll face harder enemies but shouldn’t be overally challenging, especially if you’re used to playing similar games of this ilk.

Finally, we’ve got Hard, the most difficult selection. In this mode, you’ll face even more challenging enemies that have higher HP and will cast stronger spells on you, depleting your health faster. Not only this, there will be more challenging puzzles with potentially shorter timeframes for completion, ramping up the test even more.

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