Hidden Containers DMZ: How to complete Natural Treasure

natural treasure dmz hidden containers

Call Of Duty is known for its run-and-gun action but thanks to the introduction of DMZ, you can play a little more slow-paced, and complete some objectives known as Missions to gain extra XP, weapons, and special skins such as Biohazard Konig or Relentless Roze.

While a bunch of these Missions are pretty straightforward, there are some that certainly leave you scratching your head. The Natural Treasure DMZ Mission is certainly one of these thanks to its ambiguous tasks asking you to find Hidden Containers.

Below though, we’ll run you through exactly where to find Hidden Containers in DMZ so you can complete Natural Treasure and advance that Black Mous Faction tier.

Hidden Containers DMZ: How to complete Natural Treasure

Looking at the Natural Treasure tasks, you have to find three Hidden Containers at three different locations within Al Mazrah. While you are provided with a rough location for the first of these, you are given no clue at all for the other two. Thankfully, we know where to find them all.

Natural Treasure Hidden Container 1 location

The first Hidden Container in DMZ is at the oasis east of Taraq. It’s not actually in the water but instead, on the small piece of land at the bottom of the ‘U shape’ oasis. Check the map below for the precise spot.

hidden container dmz location 1

Once there, just look on the ground and you should be able to find the first Hidden Container. Loot it to move on to the next.

dmz hidden container 1

Natural Treasure Hidden Container 2 location

For the second Hidden Container in DMZ, you’re going to have to go to the south west corner of the map, left of Al Samman Cemetary. Look for the two small strips of land next to the ocean and in between there is the Hidden Container. Check the map below for the precise spot.

hidden container dmz location 2

Once you’ve got to the marker, you’ll have to go underwater as this Hidden Container has sunk to the bottom. Dive down, loot it and you’ll be ready for the third and final one.

dmz hidden container 2

Natural Treasure Hidden Container 3 location

The last Hidden Container and the one you need to complete Natural Treasure is going to be quite a ways away. You’ll be heading right to the top of the map for this one, so maybe acquiring a vehicle is your best bet here.

For the third Hidden Container, head toward Taraq Village, go a little more north, and cross the river into the F1 map quadrant. In the palm tree line, near a large rock, you should be able to find it.

hidden container dmz location 3

Loot it, pick up the Irradiated Drill and successfully extract. We recommend that you do this instantly as the exfil is probably the most dangerous part due to the various other players in the game.

dmz hidden container 3

If do get that exfil off, you will have completed Natural Treasure! We hope you found all of the Hidden Containers nice and quickly with the guide, and if you’re also struggling with Harmful Waves, The Golden Rule, or Medical Mule, then read our guides for everything you need to know.

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