Hateno Village Location TotK

hateno village location totk

In the illustrious world of Tears of the Kingdom, the charm of nostalgia intertwines with the allure of new adventures. One such example is the familiar settlement of Hateno Village.

Nestled in a scenic part of the Hyrule Kingdom, Hateno Village serves as a beacon of tranquility and familiarity for players, harking back to its original location in Breath of the Wild.

Below, we’ll detail the exact location of Hateno Village in Tears of the Kingdom so you too can visit it for yourself.

Where Is Hateno Village in Tears Of The Kingdom

Just as in Breath of the Wild, Hateno Village in Tears of the Kingdom is situated in the same picturesque corner of Hyrule, found in the southeast part of the map.

Its location, flanked by the meandering paths of the Necluda Sea to the east and the towering peaks of Mount Lanayru to the west, reinforces its image as a peaceful, rustic settlement.

hateno village totk

Despite the tumultuous events that have transpired between the timelines of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, Hateno Village has maintained its idyllic charm.

Its verdant fields, quaint houses, and bustling windmills remain the same, offering players a comforting sense of continuity amidst their new adventures.

Hateno Village is not just a nostalgic location; it serves several key functions in Tears of the Kingdom. It is home to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, where you can unlock critical gameplay features such as the Shrine Sensor and the Travel Medallion.

It also houses a dye shop, where you can customize Link’s clothing, including the Paraglider fabric.

hateno village dye shop totk

In addition, Hateno Village serves as a hub for numerous side quests, offering players the chance to delve deeper into the daily lives of Hyrule’s residents. These quests provide valuable rewards, from rare items to valuable game knowledge, making Hateno Village a place worth revisiting frequently.

In conclusion, the preservation of Hateno Village’s location in Tears of the Kingdom is a testament to the game’s seamless blend of the familiar and the new. It reminds players of Hyrule’s enduring spirit, standing strong against the trials of time.

Whether you’re a new player or a returning veteran, a visit to Hateno Village is sure to evoke a sense of homecoming, making your adventures in Tears of the Kingdom all the more memorable.

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