Governor’s Laptop DMZ: How to complete Whistleblower

governors laptop dmz

The Missions in DMZ certainly vary in difficulty. From simply pinging enemies, to performing multiple tasks in one match before exfilling, there are a range of objectives you’ll likely be undertaking.

One Mission that many are having a hard time with is Whistleblower, simply because one of the objectives asks you to locate and pick up an item that you’ll have to do some digging to find.

The item in question is the Governor’s Laptop and below, we’ll run you through where to find it as well as further info about Whistleblower so you can get this Mission completed and move onto the next one.

Whistleblower DMZ Mission objectives

Before we get into where to find the Governor’s Laptop, lets do a quick overview of each of Whistleblower’s objectives so you know what you’re getting yourself in for.

  • Take the Governor’s Laptop From the Ashika Island Town Hall
  • Take the Laptop to the Ashika Beach Club Dead Drop in the Same Deployment
  • Deliver a Screwdriver into the Same Dead Drop in the Same Deployment

As you can see, the Governor’s Laptop is the main part of the Mission once you locate the Ashika Island Town Hall so knowing its location is key.

Where to find Governor’s Laptop DMZ

So, if you’re having a hard time finding the Governor’s Laptop in DMZ, you’re first going to have to head toward the Ashika Island Town Hall as stated in the Mission’s objectives.

If you’re unsure as to where this is, the POI marker on the map does throw a bunch of people off so its not surprising. It’s actually named City Hall on there, situated in the F6 quadrant of Ashika Island.

We’ve placed a specific tag on the map image below if you’re still having issues. Be warned though, you do need the City Hall Hideout Key to get in so ensure you have one of these before progressing.

ashika island town hall dmz

If you do have the Key, head right to the Ashika Island Town Hall, preferably on the south side, as this the easiest path to the Governor’s Laptop.

Entering through a south side ground floor door, you’re going to want to look toward the right hand side and go through another door into what looks like an office environment.

In here, look around on top of the filing cabinets and you should be able to see the Governor’s Laptop, ready for you to pick up.

governor's laptop dmz location

If you’ve done a full sweep of this area and haven’t been able to locate the Laptop, unfortunately, it only spawns once per match meaning that another squad has likely rolled in and taken it.

If you do find it though, you’ll then have to take it to the Ashika Beach Club Dead Drop which is located to the west of the Town Hall, behind the Gas Station.

You’ll also have to find and deliver a Screwdriver but this is easy enough and can be found in a wide variety of places around the map.

And there you have it, Whistleblower should be complete.

If you’re also having issues with other DMZ Missions such as Piracy, Health Conscious, or Break Check, check out our guides on those.

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