Golden Armor Sons of the Forest location & how to use

golden armor sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest brings back the classic armor system, allowing you to build up your defense as you progress. But what if there was armor that had some serious style to it? Enter the Sons of the Forest Gold Armor, an armor set that has the drip required no matter what.

Below, we’ll take you through where to find this Gold Armor in Sons of the Forest so that you can get styled out to the max and hopefully survive any incoming attacks that previous armor simply could not stop.

What is Sons of the Forest Golden Armor?

The Gold Armor in Sons of the Forest, contrary to other armor sets, is something that cannot be crafted. Instead, you will have to find it out in the dense forest in order to get that added drip.

Again contrary to other protection isn’t the game, the Golden Armor does not offer more protection, so if you want to wear it, you’ll likely take more damage but without worrying about your armor breaking due to its lack of durability gauge. As you would expect, it’s also unique gold color, and who doesn’t like a bit of bling every now and then?

It’s also required for an extreme end-game door, something that many don’t know about or encountered yet.

How to get Golden Armor Sons of the Forest

If you are looking to get your hands on the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to make it to the point in the game where you unlock the final bunker.

If you have done this, it can be found on the west side of the island near the beach with the helipads.

If you’re having a bit of trouble finding it though, the image below shows a precise marker on the in-game GPS to help you out.

golden armor location sons of the forest

Once you have reached the cave, take the route downwards and enter the stairwell which leads to the lab. To access it, you’ll need the Maintenance Keycard so keep that in mind before you even attempt this Golden Armor escapade.

maintenance keycard sons of the forest

If you do have the Maintenance Keycard and have made it inside, keep going until you reach what looks like the residential part of the Bunker. Make your way down the stairwell to level 2, but don’t forget to bring a torch as things start to get a little spooky thanks to all of the lights being fried.

Now you’re almost at the Golden Armor. Simply look for the third bedroom here, go in and you should be able to see the Golden Armor waiting to be plucked right off a chair.

How to use Golden Armor Sons of the Forest

where to find golden armor sons of the forest

So for how to use the Golden Armor, it works slightly differently to that of other armor as the game treats it more like clothes rather than other armor that you may have equipped previously.

By this, we mean that if you want to put it on, you will forfeit the chance to wear any other clothes at that time, potentially exposing yourself to the harsh conditions.

Therefore, this means that the Golden Armor is only really for the main quest rather than everyday attire.

Finally, you’ll need this Golden Armor for an end-game secret. This is the gold door but we have another guide on that so we won’t bore you with the details here.

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