Final Warning Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to get

final warning destiny 2 lightfall

Destiny 2 is back with yet another expansion – Lightfall. But this time, things are a little different as the universe is set to be taken over by the pyramid ships and The Witness. You’ll see yourself traveling to Neomuna on Neptune a planet that players have yet to explore, uncovering a whole new set of secrets and Stand, the new web-slinging subclass.

Now, with all new Destiny 2 content, there are fresh weapons and armor to uncover, and none come as powerful as Exotics, the creme de la creme of gear in the game. This guide will be focusing on one of the new weapons – Final Warning, providing all you need to know on how to get it as well as what you can expect from it.

How to get Final Warning Destiny 2 Lightfall

how to get final warning destiny 2 lightfall

To get your hands on this new Exotic Sidearm in Lightfall, you’re going to have to complete yet another quest to do so.

However, before this is even possible, you must first beat the Lightfall campaign on either difficulty.

the final strand destiny 2 lightfall

Once you do so, it doesn’t stop there. To even have the chance of picking up the quest, you will have to unlock all Strand upgrades on a single class.

This will take an absolute age because you’ll need to farm a plethora of Strand Meditations, a new upgrade currency with this expansion in order to do this.

After you have upgraded a Strand class, the quest will become available for you to pick up. From there, you will have to follow the various steps, defeating enemies and picking up various drops, and visiting the Pouka Pond on multiple occasions.

Final Warning Destiny 2 Lightfall perks & traits

The standout feature of this Exotic weapon is its charged tracking rounds. Reloading the weapon charges up a certain amount of these tracking rounds, which can then be released in a deadly fashion. Those shots also cause an enemy to become increasingly debilitated, allowing you to quickly take control of the fight.

These tracking rounds are the weapon’s secret weapon, allowing for a devastating barrage of crowd-controlling damage. This makes this Exotic Sidearm incredibly powerful in a variety of situations.

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