Where to find Escape From Tarkov Fierce Blow sledgehammer

escape from tarkov sledgehammer

The Escape From Tarkov Fierce Blow sledgehammer is an item that a bunch of players are after because if you want to upgrade the all-new Defective Wall in your Hideout, it’s a requirement. However, as with many items in Tarkov, if you don’t know where to find this sledgehammer, you’re going to have a hard time simply scouring every corner of the maps to secure one.

Below, we’ll run you through everything we know about the Escape From Tarkov Fierce Blow sledgehammer including any locations that we have been able to find one in s you can get one for yourself and start those Hideout upgrades.

Escape From Tarkov Fierce Blow sledgehammer locations

First off, before we get to where to find the Tarkov sledgehammer, let’s just quickly talk about the sledgehammer itself.

It is a more rare item to find simply out and about on various maps due to its nature and size. You won’t be finding it in jacket pockets, or smaller loot spots as this is actually a 2×5 grid size item, making it pretty large for even some backpacks. It’s pretty heavy too, coming in at 5.5kg so be sure not to load up too much or you’ll be slow walking to that extract.

escape from tarkov fierce blow sledgehammer

Now, what you’re here for, where to find the Escape From Tarkov Fierce Blow sledgehammer. While being large, you will be able to locate it on various maps and at a variety of places in most. Here are all the spots that we’ve managed to find one in:


  • Customs shipping area Blue car
  • Gas Station grocery shelf
  • 3 story Dorms first floor common room


  • Idea shelves
  • Brutal shelves
  • The National floor
  • Goshan floor


  • In the garage East of the Mountain Pass extract point
  • In the construction zone next to main road


  • Administration Building of the Health Computer Room

Streets of Tarkov

  • 2nd floor Chekannya St Cultist Room


  • General Shop next to the Swamp


  • Scav bunker tool cabinet
  • White tool shed southeast of Northern Village
  • Sawmill large shed

And there you have it, if you head to one of the above sledgehammer spawns above you should be able to get one in your inventory and extract it to upgrade that Defective Wall.

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