How to fix Downloading Instance Inventory DMZ

how to fix downloading instance inventory dmz

Even though game development cycles are only getting longer due to increased fidelity, features, and more, it seems that this hasn’t particularly helped with bugs and errors. This is especially true with the latest iteration of Call Of Duty – MW2, as many have been experiencing a plethora of issues when trying to play online.

More specifically, in the new DMZ mode introduced in 2022, likely due to it being made from the ground up this year, bugs ad errors have been aplenty. More specifically though, many players have been getting the Downloading Instance Inventory error which sometimes prevents you from even playing the mode.

Below, we’ll run you through a potential fix for this so you can get back playing the new looting and extraction experience.

How to fix Downloading Instance Inventory DMZ

downloading instance inventory dmz

Now, while you might have tried a bunch of different ways to fix Downloading Instance Inventory in DMZ, the reason you’re likely reading this guide is because they’ve sadly failed. Luckily for you though, through our own experiences and corroborating them with other DMZ players, we have found a pretty concrete fix for the issue.

What you will have to do is to join another party, play a game of DMZ, then either die or just leave said party, and all of your Downloading Instance Inventory should be gone for now. However, we have seen this error crop back up again later down the line even after you do this fix so it’s not a permanent solution.

What we recommend is that when in a DMZ match, you do not quit out early or turn your device off when matchmaking because these things have been known to increase the chances of the DMZ Downloading Instance Inventory error popping up.

We hope you managed to fix the error thanks to the above method. If you did, and are going through some Missions, read our guides on Flight Recon, finding Game Consoles for Custom Hardware, or locating Gold Bars or Gold Skulls for The Golden Rule.

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