Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiple endings?

does hogwarts legacy have multiple endings

Hogwarts Legacy is no small game. You will not only be learning a bunch of spells, cooking up various potions, and getting to know your teachers in the castle, you’ll also be able to venture outside to the surrounding areas. This both increases how long Hogwarts Legacy is, as well as enhances its complexity.

Now, when you do finally reach the climax of the game, many are wondering whether there are in fact multiple endings that can occur. Below, we’ll take you through what we know about multiple endings in Hogwarts Legacy so that you can be aware of what to expect when reaching the point of no return.

Are there multiple endings in Hogwarts Legacy?

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As previously mentioned, there are a bunch of players wondering if Hogwarts Legacy has multiple endings as this is mainly due to the fact that you can pick one House, and one House only for the duration of your save.

We’re sad to report that unfortunately, there are technically no alternate endings in the game, no matter what you do, you will come to the same ultimate conclusion.

However, from a recent Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase, Game Director Alan Tew stated this:

“Different interactions with different Hogwarts Legacy characters can also offer different choice points for the player, and then some of those things can affect things game-wide, some of these affect characters’ lives, the ending of the game.”

This means that there are slightly different outcomes depending on your choices and what quests are at your disposal (due to there being different Houses), which is certainly welcomed, and something that will certainly warrant a second run. There could even be some of your classmates missing if they fall victim to an Avada Kedavra spell.

On the whole, this might be a little disappointing for those that are wanting maximum replayability in Hogwarts Legacy but in our eyes, due to the fact that there are some different quests depending on House, and potential game-changing decisions, this alone is enough to justify another playthrough in the wizarding world.

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