Do double XP tokens work in DMZ?

do double xp tokens work in dmz

Call of Duty is known for its double XP. Whether that’s due to double XP weekends or its various partnerships with brands like Mountain Dew, it’s definitely a franchise that’s become synonymous with extra tokens to reward die-hard fans.

While in the past you have been able to use these double XP tokens in game modes like multiplayer and Warzone, many have been wondering about the all-new DMZ. Below, we’ll debunk the mysteries surrounding this, answering the question of ‘do double XP tokens work in DMZ?’ so you don’t waste any of those precious bonuses.

Do double XP tokens work in DMZ?

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The answer you came here for – yes, double XP tokens do work in DMZ. All you need to do is either head into the base MW2 game, or load up Warzone 2, and while in those menus, activate either a standard or weapon-specific double XP token, and then move over to the DMZ game mode.

However, while double XP tokens do work in DMZ, as it’s in beta form, there are some menu/graphical glitches that make it look like these double XP tokens aren’t working as intended. For example, when you either exfil or die in your DMZ match, your XP shown at the end of the game won’t have the ‘double’ applied to it, which could leave you scratching your head. But, rest assured, your extra XP will have been gained and will be reflected when you take a look at either your rank or weapon level afterward.

Another thing to bear in mind is that while the DMZ mode is great for XP due to both AI and a plethora of real players, you might be better off using your double XP tokens in regular MW2 multiplayer as you can easily switch up to different guns to level them, as well as having a shorter match time.

And there you have it, all you need to know about if double XP tokens work in DMZ. Now you can go secure some Black Mous Intel or even kill a commander on the way to maximize your gains!

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