DMZ Workbench Explained

dmz workbench

The moment has arrived: a new update for Call of Duty’s DMZ mode is upon us, and it brings a bunch of new features, perhaps the most since its launch. Although the mode remains in its ‘beta’ phase and could use further development, any additions are certainly appreciated and hopefully will keep the playerbase alive for that bit longer.

In this guide, we’ll concentrate on one specific new feature: DMZ Workbench. We’re confident that fans of both DMZ and the extraction shooter genre as a whole will be grateful for this in-game enhancement. Let’s dive in.

What is the DMZ Workbench?

Up until now, if you’ve been playing the new DMZ mode introduced with Season 1 of MW2, you will have either been bringing kitted-out insured weapons into matches, or finding Contraband guns on your travels.

While this is great and all, Contraband weapons in particular can be very restrictive as you’re basically given a lesser weapon with no real attachments or enhancements that can compete with those insured guns that many keep ahold of.

chimera dmz silver tox

However, with Season 3, the DMZ Workbench has been implemented to combat just that. The way it works is that it allows you to take a Contraband weapon you’ve found out and about and add attachments to it as you please.

Adding attachments is key but you can also remove attachments also which is extremely useful when you find a weapon that has been crafted for long range but you’re a more run-and-gun kind of soldier.

While this will cost you hard-earned cash, it is most certainly worth it to aid you in your looting, mission, or extraction endeavors since you’re basically enhancing your arsenal on the go.

Now you’re probably wondering where these Workbenches are. Well, you can find these near Buy Stations which is certainly handy since you can also pick up Contraband weapons from there also if you’re not happy with your current loadout.

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