How many players in DMZ matches?

dmz maximum lobby size

If you’ve had the chance to jump into the all-new DMZ mode, we’re sure you’re aware of the tension-filled looting and extraction mechanics that come along with it. While the map of Al Mazrah is littered with AI soldiers for you to take down when completing various missions and objectives, there are also real player-controlled squads who will be looking to steal your loot.

The question is though, how many players are in a DMZ match as it’s not made abundantly clear as to the number of real-life opponents you will be potentially meeting in the battleground. Below, we’ll discuss the DMZ player count so you can be aware of the threats you’re likely going to be coming up against.

Warzone 2 DMZ: How many players in a match?

dmz how many players

The Warzone DMZ mode is clearly filled with a bunch of AI combatants to put your off your looting and extraction escapades, but as previously stated, you’ll also be coming up against other player-controlled operators. If you’ve tried to load into a DMZ game, we’re sure you’re aware that the maximum number of players in a squad is three but you won’t just be fighting against one other for all the spoils. In fact, the maximum DMZ lobby size is actually 66 and therefore, means that you will in fact be fighting against not only hundreds of AI but also 63 other players.

If these players are in a squad of three, this also translates to 21 full squads that you could theoretically bump into on your Al Mazrah travels. However, do keep in mind that you can jump into DMZ either solo or as a two-person squad thus meaning that if you do opt to drop in as a three, you could dispatch those lone wolves pretty swiftly. To further this, due to the exfil functionality, some opposing squads might opt for a quick extraction, dropping this player count down dramatically.

There you have it, all you need to know about how many players in DMZ. Now go out, secure the loot and get to that exfil point to secure that all-important contraband!

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