DMZ Game Console locations for Custom Hardware Mission

dmz game console locations

If you’re playing the new DMZ mode introduced alongside MW2 and Warzone 2, you’re undoubtedly looting as much as you can to extract, get a bunch of XP, and reduce those insured weapon cooldowns. Alongside this, you’re probably looking to complete a bunch of Missions to unlock special skins such as Biohazard Konig or Relentless Roze.

One Mission that many have been troubled by though is the Custom Hardware Mission as it tasks you to find a pretty rare in-game item – the Game Console. Below, we’ll run you through where to find DMZ Game Consoles so you can wrap up the Custom Hardware Mission nice and quickly.

DMZ Game Console locations for Custom Hardware Mission

So, as previously stated, you need to find DMZ Game Consoles to complete the Custom Hardware Mission. In fact, you’re going to need to locate four of these for just one step alongside a GPU, and Hard Drives for the others.

The bad news for DMZ Game Console locations is that there are no specific spawns. This can make it tricky considering you need at least four of these for Custom Hardware. However, there are certainly some spots that we have located a bunch at, both with and without the Mission active.

where to find game consoles dmz

From our experience, we have found an increased number of DMZ Game Consoles in houses that have TVs in them, Police Stations, and on shelves in shops. Additionally, as they are a more rare item, you’ll also have a good chance of finding them in locked caches (such as the Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache) or within orange loot boxes.

If you go to all of the above locations, you should net yourself at least one Game Console per match and maybe even all four if you’re lucky enough to be the first person to loot up that area. But, with that being said, don’t be surprised if this Mission takes you a bunch of DMZ matches to complete.

And that’s all you need to know about finding DMZ Game Consoles. If you’re also struggling finding the Light Helo to complete Flight Recon or locating Gold Bars or Gold Skulls, read our guides for those and get those Missions finished!

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