DMZ Barter System Explained

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It’s time, a fresh update for Call of Duty’s DMZ mode is here and with it comes probably the most new features we’ve seen since launch. There’s no question that the mode is still lacking since it is still in its ‘beta’ phase, so any additions are certainly welcomed.

The one new feature that we’ll be focusing on in this guide is the Barter System, something that we’re sure fans of both DMZ and the extraction shooter genre, in general, will be thankful for. Let’s get into it.

What is the DMZ Barter System?

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As previously stated, the Barter System in DMZ is a brand new feature that has been added with the Season 3 update that’s coming to not only this mode but also MW2 and Warzone 2. 

This new inclusion in the looting and extraction mode seeks to enable combatants to offload some of the items that they will have collected in a match and swap them for something that they may need for a mission, or simply ones that are more valuable.

To access this Barter System, what you’ll need to do is reach a Buy Station that is located on the map, this can be any Buy Station so don’t worry about finding a specific one. Once there you’ll have access to the Trader in which you’ll be able to offload a bunch of your items for something that you’d prefer to have in your backpack instead.

While this could revolutionize the way you loot and extract in DMZ, what’s unfortunate is that while there is this Barter System in place, it isn’t something you can do with other Operators which is a little disappointing.

Fans of Escape From Tarkov will know that one of the major parts of the game is to gain as much high-value loot as possible to then sell on the open market. The way it has been implemented in DMZ is a much more constricted approach and one that those who have experienced EFT will find lackluster.

All the same, at least the Barter System has been put in place in some capacity and allows you to get rid of a plethora of unwanted items in favor of things that are of a more rare nature or simply ones that you can’t manage to locate in your match.

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